Reinvest Consultants Locating and Managing Profitable Deals for Cincinnati Real Estate Investors

Greater Cincinnati Area distressed property investment experts Reinvest Consultants has facilitated approximately 300 successful investment-related deals for multiple investor clients since its launch in March of 2011 and anticipates that number to grow rapidly in the coming months.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) August 30, 2012 -- Success as a real estate investor hinges on finding the right deal. The founders of Reinvest Consultants understood that when they launched their full-service real estate brokerage in Cincinnati in March of 2011. Since then the company that specializes in assisting with the investment in foreclosures and other distressed property has facilitated approximately 300 investment-related deals.

“Our goal in starting the company was to make the job of a real estate investor easier,” stated Jack Berning, General Manager. All of the founders of Reinvest had successfully evaluated and acquired distressed properties in the Cincinnati area for years before they established the company. “When we launched Reinvest over a year ago we felt confident we could build our company around the focal point of finding a profitable deal and offering it to other investors. I think the 300 deals shows we’re getting the job done,” stated Berning.

Reinvest Consultants has a network of investors they work with on a consistent basis. Reinvest discovers the deals and then offers the properties to the investors. Many of the homes they sell do not even make it to the Multiple Listing Service. The only way to know about these opportunities is to be part of their investor network.

“There’s a saying in real estate that you make your money when you buy a property. We like to say we help investors find, fix and exit,” stated Berning. “Find means we have a top-notch acquisition team working fulltime on finding the best deals in the market. Fix means we help investors avoid the pitfalls of rehabbing a project. You can make a great buy but underestimate your rehab costs and blow your budget. We provide our investors a free consultation to help evaluate the rehab costs and refer them to reputable contractors we’ve worked with. Exit means we offer our network of investors a way to finish the deal. We also give them a discounted listing if they’re selling the property. We’re also extremely excited about the launch of our new property management division. We’re providing discounted property management services to the investors who want to capitalize on opportunities in real estate but don’t want the headaches of being a landlord.”

Berning also emphasized the relationship Reinvest has with KM Capital Management, a local real estate investment firm. “They give our investors exclusive access to private hard money loans which enables our investors to act fast and gain an advantage in the market.” KM Capital Management specializes in hard money loans to active real estate investors. Hard money financing is a type of real estate lending that is asset-based and the financing typically provides a loan-to-value ratio of 70 percent of what the property will be worth once it is rehabbed. This is a quicker and easier way to get short-term financing for real estate projects than a bank loan.

In 2010, the founders of Reinvest Consultants merged their collective expertise, experience and resources with the common goal of becoming the best provider of investment properties in the Cincinnati area. It is apparent according to their satisfied investors that they are reaching that goal one successful deal at a time.

Real estate investors who want to learn how they can join Reinvest Consultant’s network of investors can go to Reinvest Consultants website or contact one of the Reinvest Consultants investment specialists at 513-823-2200 for more information.

Real estate investors who want to learn about KM Capital Management’s hard money loans can go to KM Capital Management’s website.

About Reinvest Consultants, LLC
REINVEST Consultants, a full-service real estate brokerage, specializes in buying and selling Cincinnati foreclosures, short sales and other distressed real estate as investment property. We also offer our real estate investor network exclusive deals – not available on the MLS. Reinvest Consultants has years of experience, has done hundreds of deals and knows the Greater Cincinnati investment property market inside and out.

About KM Capital Management
KM Capital Management LLC is a real estate investment management firm. Founded in 2009, KM Capital Management LLC specializes in providing hard money loans for Cincinnati area real estate investors. Since 2000, KM Capital's principals have closed on more than 400 residential real estate projects nationwide.

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